Remarkable Moments at St Andrew’s

St Andrew’s Primary School recently joined with all Brisbane Catholic Education Schools to celebrate Remarkable Moments in learning this year. It was a great day of acknowledging those learners in our school who have gone from “GOOD TO GREAT” in specific areas of their learning journey. Well done for using hard work, grit and persistence in your learning! 

An important facet of the pedagogical approach to learning that is evident in our approach to excellent learning and teaching at St Andrew’s is the fact that at all times, the children are encouraged to take control of their own learning. When kids take control of their own learning, they are more inclined to become problem solvers who see their mistakes as a chance to depth their learning in order to learn from their mistakes which assists them to develop a strong growth mindset. Because of this fact, their ability to be more creative in their approach to their learning is enhanced and they are then encouraged to think outside the square. In other words, the direction in learning is a self-directed approach. 

Behind every remarkable learning story is a dedicated, hard-working team of adults; parents, teachers, school officers, co-teachers and the leadership team. Together we work for every child at St Andrew’s to succeed in their learning!

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