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A growing number of families are fleeing inner city living and settling into an acreage lifestyle, where there’s plenty of space to enjoy increased comfort. Here Tracie Ellis, Founder & CEO of Renovators Directory offers some home renovation solutions for homes with plenty space to offer.

A dreamy indoor/outdoor space is always a winner

A growing number of families are fleeing inner city living and settling into an acreage lifestyle, where there’s plenty of space to enjoy increased comfort.  Acreage homes with careful planning can offer unique differences to a home in the city.  The flexibility of extra room gives the ability to truly customise your home to suit your family, block, and best aspect/views.

When purchasing an acreage property, not everything will be according to your taste.  Strategic improvements do however appeal to everyone, and considered investments will not only make your house more comfortable, but also value add, making it more lucrative for future buyers.

Before rushing into improvements, planning is essential.  Does your property have a lovely view, are you surrounded by paddocks, do you want to capture gorgeous sunsets?

Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen

One of the multitude of benefits of renovating on acreage is the space you have to work with.  With the option of space comes the ability to have a very open kitchen that flows to an outdoor entertaining area of your dreams.  An indoor-outdoor kitchen extends your usable living space and enables year round entertaining, making your home feel larger and more inviting.  From retractable windows to fully operable sliding walls, there are a number of ways to convert your indoor kitchen into a dreamy multi use space.

  1. Extend your benchtops. Having a continuous benchtop that runs from the inside to outside blurs the lines between interior and exterior, adding a sense of spaciousness and provides vast amounts of prep room.
  2. Continuation of flooring. Selecting a flooring that is the same or similar to your indoor, and continuing to your outdoor area is very clever.  It is hard for the eye to distinguish where the indoor space ends and the outdoor one begins, making the overall space bigger.  Tiles, timber and concrete all look great indoors and they are tough enough to cope with external conditions.  Be sure if specifying tiles that they come with an anti-slip treatment.
  3. Wide openings. Allowing the two spaces to open up completely with a stacking, bifold or pocket sliders is essential to deliver this look.  Eliminating physical barriers between the two provides you with uninterrupted views.  A servery window is also a great idea in this space.

Floor to Ceiling Glass

Having the luxury of space with neighbours few and far between allows you to bring the outdoors in and truly benefit from your scenic surrounds.  Mastering the transformation of utilising glass will create a very unique point of difference to your home.

One way to achieve this modern style is to include floor to ceiling glass walls or doors in your design plan.  With the addition of these stunning doors/walls, you can create a space that appears larger and more open.

Floor-to-ceiling windows, doors and walls offer a multitude of benefits and provide you with unobstructed panoramic views along with the ability to maximise natural light and enjoy your acreage even when you are indoors.  Creating a sense of lightness and connection to the outdoors.

Garage / Shed

With acreage living comes maintenance, and the need for ride on mowers, tractors, whipper snippers etc.  Enter the need for a shed (usually a substantial one).  You will be surprised how quickly you will fill this space.  Whilst considering the need for a shed, thought should be given to your current garage.  A garage is the most neglected space in a home.  By carefully considering the amount of room you require, you may be able to extent your garage.  Your current 2 car garage could be extended to a 4 car to enable extra storage, along with the addition of the almighty shed.  This will ensure you have enough room for everything to have it’s place.  Multiple sheds of varying shapes and sizes is not ideal for improving property value, therefore a well thought out, tidy well kept and aesthetically pleasing property has a higher perceived value.  Note, consultation with your local council is essential, as DA approval will be required (whether it be a garage extension, new shed or BOTH!).

Renovating when living on acreage certainly comes with the opportunity for a completely bespoke individualised design, creating a home with unparalleled levels of versatility to accommodate a lifestyle inner city home owners can only dream of

Tracie Ellis is the Founder & CEO of Renovators Directory as well as Managing Director of TAE Projects. With an entire career spent in construction, she is well respected for her industry knowledge.  An influential leader who seeks unrivalled market leadership through service excellence and is now leading the way to an exceptional experience in home renovation solutions for business and consumers alike.  Renovators Directory provides an easy pathway to a dream renovation, and is Australia’s ultimate source of experts in home improvement.


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