Ridley Road Men Making a Difference

Members at work in the shed

Men’s Sheds across the country provide a hub for men to connect, improve their well-being and reduce the risk of preventable health issues that may emanate from isolation – and the Ridley Road Community Mens Shed (RRCMS) is no different.

From its inception 12 years ago, the RRCMS’s mission is to support adult men by providing a safe and meaningful environment for activities in woodworking, social activities and supporting the community at large. 

Situated in the tranquil grounds of the Church of Resurrection on Ridley Road, Bridgeman Downs, the RRCMS provides a meeting place where men can feel comfortable and pursue their interests. Members have been proactive in and sought grants for its establishment and many improvements, resulting in there being three sheds now in operation. 

The group provide woodworking workshops for the development of skills or hobbies while making/repairing wooden items requested by the community. That small perhaps broken article can be restored to its former glory by the diligent and skilled craftsmanship of its members. Members are trained in the operation of the machinery and new members encouraged to learn new skills under their guidance. This friendly, helpful attitude is evident throughout the RRCMS and extends to their most important role. This is the provision of a Social Gather held weekly when numbers from all walks of life meet to enjoy one another’s company. 

Many men, when they retire, have great difficulty in adjusting to the retirement lifestyle and lose contact with their former workmates. The loss of a companionship is something sorely missed. As John Raine Chairman of the RRCMS explains.

Centre Manager of Chatterbox Albany Creek, Alex Walford with members of the RRCMS John (Chairman), Peter and Valentina with Chatterbox students Jax, Madeline and Blake

‘Wives have often commented on what the Mens Shed has done to help ease their menfolk into retirement and get them out the house and our Social Gather provides them a place to freely converse on all matters,’ explains John.

Although the RRCMS is a working Mens Shed, no pressure is ever exerted for men to participate in the working side things.

‘Many members are past the rigourous of making things and look forward to Morning Tea and companionship, which is perfectly fine!’ said John.

So, if you feel a little lost at home in isolation, here might be the solution for you to share your interests and talents with others like yourselves. The men meet on a  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday morning. For more information, get in touch by emailing ridleymen@gmail.com or call 0407 630 567. Age is no barrier and mobility has been eased by a concrete path that was installed last year. Furthermore, if the Mens Shed can help with your community project or initiative, drop them a line!

Members at work in the shed

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