Road safety trial to keep motorists’ safe in Moreton Bay

Dangerous driving on the roads around Everton Hills has prompted Moreton Bay Regional Council to take action in the interests of public safety.

Division 10 Councillor Matt Constance said he was alarmed by the number of incidents in recent years and numerous reports from residents about hooning and dangerous driving behaviour and would immediately launch a road safety trial to find a solution.

“Residents have told me they are very concerned about road safety along Bennetts Road and Buckland Road from motorists, rat running, speeding and the noise generated from drivers hooning along these streets,” Cr Constance said.

“That’s why council is launching a six-month road safety trial with the installation of seven rubber speed cushions – three on Bennetts Road and four fitted along Buckland Road to act as a visible and physical speeding deterrent for motorists, urging them to slow down and drive safely along the road.

“We have seen cars go in to houses, cars collide with fences, a fatality and numerous near misses.

“One incident was on Christmas Eve last year involving a speeding driver colliding with a car with a family, and whilst the Queensland Police Service have stepped up recent efforts, they cannot be there 24/7. Enough is Enough!

“I have to thank residents along Bennett and Buckland Roads for their diligence in bringing this issue to my attention, it’s clear that we have to act to curb speeding and hooning in this suburb.”

Everton Hills’ resident Andrew O’Donnell applauded council’s stance on road safety.

“This trial is welcomed to the area. We have motorists speeding along these road, there have been crashes and a fatality,” Mr O’Donnell said.

“I think this is a brilliant trial and an excellent idea to make sure motorists do the right thing.

“We want these speed bumps to help motorists reduce their speed.”

Cr Constance said he hoped the road safety trial would help to reduce traffic incidents and “remind motorists to slow down and stick to the speed limits”.

“Road safety is everybody’s business and council recognises the important role the community can play in improving safety on our local roads.”


In addition to the installation of the speed cushions, council will also build a pedestrian refuge at Bennetts Road to further improve road safety.

Installation works will be completed by the end of the month, weather permitting and council will continue to collect speed and volume data throughout the trial period.

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