Samford Probus goes back to nature

A monthly update from the Samford Valley Probus Club

The Club’s outing this month was to the QUT Samford Ecological Research Facility on Thursday 25th July. They were hosted by Marcus Yates who is the Site Technician at the facility. After a lovely morning tea on the back veranda, Marcus told the group about the legacy of Elizabeth Nester Marks who gifted the property to QUT for research and education. He then showed off works being done by himself and students from  QUT with a slide presentation. The group was then delighted to be introduced to the Common Dunnart and to find out the Powerful Owl is indeed powerful as it stands up to 75cm tall, large body and huge wing span. One of which has been seen nearby. The next outing will be to Bullockys Rest for a picnic on Thursday 29th August 2019

The club’s meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at the Samford Bowls Club at 10am. If you feel you would enjoy short getaways with friends, you are always welcome to their meetings to learn more.

Please contact the Members Officer Sue for further information on 3264 8605.

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