Samford Trail Open Day A Smashing Success

Review by Georgia Wright

Stunning gardens wowed the crowds

May 16th —the day that Samford Edible Garden Trail hosted their inaugural Open Day…and blew the event out of the water! With sold out tickets, crowds flowed in waves through the gates of the nine homes showcasing their inspiring gardens. From a 10-year-old subtropical food forest to a local tradie’s garden, to a tree changer couple’s cottage garden that was jam-packed with raised beds, an orchard, a herbal tea garden, and chickens, there were plenty of sights to see on the day.

Being there, in amongst the masses, taking advantage of the stunning Autumn weather, was a recipe for a picture-perfect day out. I’m sure that everyone who came for a look-see would agree, judging by the smiles and curious faces galore. There were scenic views, beautiful, snaking countryside roads in between locations, and an exciting buzz in the air all day.

Majority of my time was spent ducking in and out of the Highvale locations included on the Trail, where I tuned in to a couple of informative tours from the owners and hosts. Not being much of a gardening guru myself, I learnt so much! Safe to say, everyone who attended returned home with a wealth of knowledge and a newfound appreciation for all the work that goes into maintaining a healthy garden. Not to mention, the number of happy stomachs waltzing home. With Pause Restaurant and the infamous Samford Patisserie—amongst other local food outlets—apart of the Trail, no one was left hungry, and no table was left vacant.

However, it was at local urban community farm, Millen farm, that my family dined. We all filled up on delicious sausages on bread, coffee, and hot chocolates sold at the farmer’s market. After that, we set off to visit my favourite location on the Trail—a lovely house in Highvale with sun-kissed, walk-through gardens, sweeping mountain views, and an adorable dog running around and saying G’day to all its visitors.

Congratulations to those involved in making Samford Edible Garden Trail’s Open Day a huge hit. It was definitely a wonderful, green-thumbed day out for all families and local residents who came along. Can’t wait for the next one!


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