Samford’s Sensational History

An update from the Samford Museum

Cleared land in 1924. In the distance can be seen todays 961 Eatons Crossing Road Photo from State Lib Qld -Picture Queensland

Queensland Day is celebrated on June 6th.

Queen Victoria signed the Letters Patent, approving Queensland becoming a separate colony to New South Wales, with its own Representative Government on 6th June 1859.

The greater Samford area had been settled as a sheep station from 1851. Then from 1855 as a cattle run, the homestead being established where Samford Community Hub is today.

Pioneering families settled into the area after the pastoral lands were thrown open for closer settlement by the Queensland Crown Lands Alienation Act 1868. Most were Homestead Selections which meant the occupier must live on the land and improvements eg clearing the virgin land and establishing crops and fencing had to be made. Inspections were carried out.  

These early families were keen to provide their children with an education hence the construction of a slab walled, shingle roofed Provisional School by locals. This was in 1872.  

As decades passed the farming of bananas, pineapples, various other fruit as well as vegetables, and dairying has changed to a sort-after rural residential locality.  The school, which became a State School in 1878, has grown dramatically and this year celebrates its 150 years of education on September 10. 

Samford Schools’ Head Teachers residence has become home to Samford RSL in Main Street.

Samford Museum opened in 1986 in the relocated Head Teachers’ house from Albany Creek School. Since then, members, all volunteers, are proud of the collection of Samford’s history we have collected, displayed and made available to visitors including school groups.

Greater Samford is a tiny area of Queensland with a rich history.  

References- Samford Museum’s research collection 

Those with an interest in the many aspects of and maintaining the Museum complex and greeting visitors are welcome to contact President Geoff for further information or visit 10am – 4pm Sundays and Wednesdays.  A small admission is charged.                                             

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