School Days Recollections at Bunya School

An update from the Samford Museum

The Bunya School

In the early years of the 20th century, several families from today’s Hills district attended Bunya School.  

When Bunya school closed in 1920 due to low numbers, two Bunya families were taken and collected by their fathers driving horse and buggy to Grovely School – later known as Mitchelton School.                                                                                                                                          

Other families commented in their reminiscences recorded in Bunya School 1875-1965 by Melva A Welch, they attended Albany Creek School during the Bunya School closure. An idea to leave and return home at times corresponding with school came undone when a police truancy officer who rode out from Newmarket caught up with the boys and escorted them to school, where they attended regularly until Bunya reopened in 1926. At this time Jack Caesar transferred from Mitchelton School to Bunya – possibly to help reach the required numbers of pupils. For only a few months, children of a family dairy farming next to where Bunya Park used to be crossed the South Pine River to attend Bunya School.

Even though Bunya was ‘in the bush,’ the school was central for families from all directions.

The delayed 2022 school year has some similarities to 1932. Then, children under 10 years were debarred from attending owing to the prevailing epidemic of infantile paralysis (polio).  By February 24, 1932 the I P Campaign Committee decided that public schools should remain closed to children under 12 until March 14. 

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