Scout it Out Loud!

So every month, Enoggera Scouts put together an article to explain different aspects of the Scouting movement.  But this month we decided to hand over the reins to those who know best – Scouts!

In a series of candid interviews with some of our troop, we explored why they enjoy Scouts.

Lucas – Scout Patrol leader, aged 13 (joined Enoggera Den as a Cub)

‘I really enjoy Scouts because I am able to learn important skills, ranging from broad problem-solving down to really practical stuff such as to all kinds of different knots. The thing I enjoy most is that I have made and kept some really great friends and we get to chill out, talk, learn, play games and generally get out and about. I must admit I am not a fan of all the paperwork though!’

Mackinnon – Assistant Patrol Leader, aged 13 (transferred to Enoggera Den as a Scout)

‘Scouts is like a regular get together with your friends, but where you learn things. Some of the best things we learn are during activities and on camps, where we have to organise all the equipment, activities and menus, and then do the shopping, packing and setting up. Of course the down side is the unpacking!  Especially when tired Scouts don’t really listen to what an assistant patrol leader is saying.’

Elizabeth – Scout, aged 11 (just moved up from Cubs)

‘I value the fun and the good company. We play lots of games which is really enjoyable. Like all kids, sometimes my fellow Scouts can lose focus and act a bit silly, which can be annoying.  But I guess that’s all part of the Scouts learning to be young leaders.’

Final word

When asked what they would say to a parent considering Scouts, our trio’s responses were all quite similar:

Come along and have fun! Bring some friends as well!

It’s a great experience because it will teach you valuable life lessons.

You have a chance to meet new people and learn new and useful skills like survival skills and first aid. Plus, you will develop more into your own person, learn leadership in its many forms, and built skillsets for a future job.

Find out more

So there you have it. Insights into Scouting from those who know it best. To find out more about Scouts, or to have a free trial, please contact us:

Enoggera Scout Den

Address: 61 Hurdcotte Street, Enoggera

Facebook: EnoggeraScoutGroup

Group leader: Phone 3355 1916 or 0439 677 755


Fun and adventure awaits at the Scouts!

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