Scouts on the lookout

The Scouts had a lot of fun letterbox dropping!

Enoggera Scouts pounding the pavement

If you think you spied a Scout when out and about in the Enoggera area over the last few weeks, you just might be right! 

In order to ensure the Enoggera Scout Den is always busy, we have been out pounding the pavement doing letter box deliveries in the local area, with a flyer to explain what Scouts is, and how you can find out more. And boy oh boy, haven’t we been busy! We have received several enquiries already from a range of interested parents across all our age groups:

  Joey Scouts (aged 5-7), Thursday 6pm – 7pm

  Cub Scouts (aged 8-11), Tuesday 6.30pm – 8pm

  Scouts (aged 11-14), Tuesday 6.30pm – 8.30pm

  Venturer Scouts (aged 15-18), Thursday/Friday 7pm – 9pm

  Rover Scouts (aged 18-25), Monday 7pm – 9pm

So if you look in your letterbox, you just might have a flyer in there, or even better – the Everton Echo has helped us out and reproduced it here! 

Looking for leaders

In particular, The Enoggera Scout Den is keen to see more adults join us as leaders. We have an amazing team in place, but as we grow and commitments change, we are always keen to bring new leaders on board. So if you are keen to support your child learn and grow as a Scout, or are a former Scout with a keen desire to give of your time, please contact us. All training is provided and is nationally accredited. Our Scout leaders often comment what an amazing experience it is to watch their child grow in the program, and the lessons they have learnt in the training have even helped them at work. 

Leaders at the Scouts have an extremely rewarding job.

Find out more

If you know a child between the ages of 5 and 11 years that you think might like to join the Joeys or Cubs, please contact us. To find out more information or to arrange a trial visit, get in touch with us:

Enoggera Scout Den, Address: 61 Hurdcotte Street, Enoggera


Group leader: Phone 3355 1916 or 0439 677 755


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