Scouts Plant 3000 Trees for Local Koalas

A great turnout from the Scouts at the tree replanting day

Over the past two years, with the assistance of Landcare and WIRES, the Albany Scout Group have partnered with the local CSR Warner Quarry to replant a wildlife corridor at the rear of the clay mine site on Kremzow Road, Warner. 

The re-establishment of the wildlife corridor ensures the existing vegetation onsite at the mine connects with the district habitat corridors. These corridors support natural processes and wildlife movement and is also known to be in the home range for a few urban koalas. Volunteers from Albany Creek Scout Group, Pine Rivers Koala Care, The Rotary Club of Albany Creek and Bushcare all came together with one aim – to achieve the replanting of this environmental corridor. With community and industry partners, the goal was to achieve long-term urban koala survivability, habitat protection and rehabilitation. Citizen science education was delivered via an outdoor classroom ‘on the quarry’ on these tree planting days which has promoted environmental stewardship, local responsibility, and community capacity. 

The scouts planting trees in the environmental corridor

Scouts can achieve amazing things when working together. The children and their families have learnt about clay mining, weed management, tree selection, tree planting, koala habitats and things to do to protect koalas that live amongst us. In addition to planting trees, the Scouts have collected old towels and donated them to Pine Rivers Koala Care to assist with the transportation of injured animals to the wildlife hospitals. This joint project has brought a number of community groups together to share knowledge, resources and to promote more responsibility within our community to care for our wildlife. 

The Albany Creek Scout Group offers fun, friendship, skills and confidence for youth of all abilities from ages 5years to 25years. For more information please email

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