Serving Up Smiles for Those in Need

Picabeen Volunteers Dan Wheelan and John Goodship serving up a storm at the community lunch

A hot meal, warm smiles, and a cozy atmosphere—Picabeen’s Community BBQ is a weekly dose of generosity for the vulnerable members of our community!

Every Tuesday from noon, a free lunch is provided at Picabeen Community Centre, 22 Hoben Street, Mitchelton, to help support those who are in need. Not only is there delicious food on offer, but there is also accessible support, advice and information. If you are one who struggles in social settings, this BBQ is a great opportunity to engage with others in a safe, friendly environment. 

With COVID-19 sweeping the ground from under many people’s feet, there has recently been a significant increase in the number of homeless people visiting the centre. Often searching for solace within the company of their staff, these BBQ-goers deserve an experience to remember. Hence, the team at Picabeen are always on the lookout to increase their volunteer base the Community Centre! 

When chatting with current volunteers about the BBQ, the team at Picabeen realised that there are about ten roles required just for the event, including a greeter, conduit, food prepper, shopper, admin, meeting organizer, promoter, and more! Each week, they are looking to have at least three volunteers in attendance—however the more the merrier (and easier). 

If you want / your business wants to assist the vulnerable at this Community BBQ, or alternatively would like to be a produce sponsor, please contact 3354 2555 or email

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