Sling Shotter Terrorising Upper Kedron

On the 2nd January 2019 a woman was hit on the head by a 1cm ball bearing in the back yard of her home at Strathmere Place, Upper Kedron. 

The bearing was one of approximately five that were fired and it is likely they were fired from a high-powered sling shot. The bearing also narrowly missed two girls (aged two and seven years old) playing in their yard. 

In the last year there have been reports of hundreds of ball bearings hitting homes and narrowly missing residents in the Strathmere Place. People and pets are in danger whilst property is being damaged by the projectiles.

‘We are now scared to go outside into our garden and let the children play in case we get injured,’ said a local Strathmere Place resident. ‘If  our children can’t play outside in their own yards in safety, that is a big issue.’

By estimating the distance and trajectory, Strathmere Place residents are speculating that the ball bearings are being fired from a high powered sling shot from an elevated position on the other side of Cedar Creek.

Supporting this scenario is the fact that damage to homes is only occuring on the western face of the Strathmere Place residences. The angle of Cedar Creek is much too steep to provide the platform to launch these projectiles. The distance a ball bearing could travel and still maintain power to cause damage,  rules out homes over 200m away.

‘There have been plenty of angry comments on social media about the culprit,’ said local Strathmere Place resident, Jeremy Verhey.

‘When it comes to our children, we are of course very protective. However, I want to mention that it is most likely the person or child firing these missiles does not understand what they have done. They don’t realise the consequences nor the damage they are inflicting. However, it is time to restore safety and peace to our community. We need a solution that resolves this problem so we can allow our children to venture outside again.’

Ferny Grove Police Station are aware of this issue and are monitoring the neighbourhood closely. They are keen to recieve any information that will assist them in this matter.  

Please call the Ferny Grove Police Station on 3872 1555 if you have any further information.

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