So much more than ‘Sausage Sizzling’ at Bunnings!

A monthly update from the Golden Valley Keperra Lions Club by Paul Ryan

It is not uncommon when asked – ‘What do the Lions Clubs do?’the answer invariable is ‘Well, they are a group of older people who sell Christmas Cakes and sausages at Bunnings along with Raffle tickets in the local shopping centre.’   

While that is part of what we do, community service comes in all shapes and sizes and these actions that people see allow the club to:

  Provide Christmas Hampers to those in need.

  Purchase equipment for the elderly or disabled.

  Continue to support local Medical Researchers to find that cures for diseases.

  Provide “Assistance Dogs” to those in need, for hospital visits and for reading programmes in local schools.

  Recycle used eyeglasses so that people in third world areas can regain their sight.

  Provide shelter for families, where marriage breakdown may create a dangerous situation.

  Support young people looking to find their way in life.

So it is fair to say that the good old Bunnings Sausage and the Lions Christmas Cakes goes a long way!

Open Invitation – Hills District Residents Aged 18 to 30

Many may see the Golden Valley Keperra Lions Club as a club for ‘Older People’. However, the group is interested in forming a new ‘Younger Persons Club’  to service the needs of young adults through:

  Community Based Service

  Meeting Like-Minded People in a safe and social environment

The club would be self-managed and autonomous, however, the Keperra Lions would be there as support. Often, it can be difficult to meet like-minded people of a similar age in a non-threatening social environment, so why not register your interest in this new club by contacting the GVK Lions.  Email or call 0409 688 675. More information can be found on

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