Spring has Sprung in the Garden

In our part of the world September heralds spring. 

What a wonderful time of year! Daylight hours are increasing; the temperature is pleasant; most things in the garden are bursting into new growth and a feeling of hope prevails. The Covid 19 restrictions have made it necessary for some of our garden club meetings to be cancelled, but no talks have been missed.  Fortunately the guest speakers have agreed to come to a later meeting.  Barbara Beerling who was scheduled to speak on Roses at the August meeting will be guest speaker on 7th October when the club hopes it will be able to meet at the Enoggera Memorial Hall in Trundle Street.  

There‘s plenty to do in the garden this month.  The soil is warm enough for flower and vegetable seedlings or evergreen trees or shrubs to be planted, but remember as these take on spring growth they will need more nutrition such as complete fertilizers.  (Cation:  Take care with native plants which require a low phosphorus fertilizer.)  It‘s best to apply the fertilizer to a moist soil,   Then water it in, making sure to wash away any that is on the foliage.  Flowering summer annuals such as marigold, phlox or petunia, planted now, would make a display for Christmas. 

Lawns could do with some attention.  Spray to eradicate weeds or bindii.

Fill any hollows with top dressing or sand.  Applying a complete fertilizer would be beneficial.  Hibiscus, Poinsettia and other related plants require pruning.  Protect yourself, especially your eyes, from the irritant Poinsettia sap.

This club meets on the first Thursday of the calendar month except January, at The Enoggera Memorial Hall which is situated in Trundle Street, Enoggera and is accessible by wheelchair. Morning tea is served at 9.45 am and immediately after that, the meeting commences. Visitors and new members are most welcome. For more information, please phone the president, Pat, on 3356 1256.

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