Stand Out Art Student Set for Sydney

Lola with a few of her hand drawn illustrations

Mitchelton State High School is pleased to share that Lola, a 2020 Mitchelton State High School graduate, has been accepted into the National Art School in Sydney. 

Lola will commence her studies in a Bachelor of Fine Art, which is a three-year degree designed to impart the skills, knowledge and creative independence required to sustain a career as an artist. 

Lola was one of a few successful applicants into this course, submitting a strong portfolio and personal statement. Lola describes her current art practice as being ‘Primarily based in paintings and drawings about paranormal figuration. For example: disfigured human forms and ghostly-like characters (mostly in charcoal). In these works, I attempt to represent stages of both inner and outer being. I am fascinated by apparitions, strange miraculous circumstances and the subconscious.’

A few examples of the art that Lola specialises in that is based on paintings and drawings about paranormal figuration.

Last year Lola was one of ten artists accepted for the Art on the Fences Project, organised by Hands on Art. The artwork submitted by Lola was selected as it signified vibrancy, conversation and creativity. This was the first paid opportunity for Lola, and her artwork was displayed at Little Birds Books in Paddington. 

Lola has achieved great success during her schooling at Mitchelton State High School, and her success will continue throughout this exciting new journey at the National Art School in Sydney. 

Lola’s first paid opportunity at Little Birds Books in Paddington. 

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