Start planning now for significant car parking reduction at Ferny Grove

An update from Ferny Grove & Upper Kedron Residents Association (FGUK RA)

With construction of the TOD at Ferny Grove train station commencing soon, rail commuters should start planning for a reduction in carparking spaces between June 2021 to October 2022.

From the early planning stage, FGUK RA has regularly communicated with the TOD developer (Honeycombes) and worked together to facilitate several community information sessions.  From our perspective, Honeycombes have been diligent in progressing the project while resolving most community feedback.  

However, FGUK RA Committee remains concerned that without urgent planning for increased public transport to/from the station and/or temporary parking options, there will be significant long-term inconvenience to commuters and those who live near the station until the TOD is complete. 

Some history for those not familiar:

  • There are currently 973 car parks at Ferny Grove station. 
  • The TOD will occur in 3 stages – with available car spaces at each Stage fluctuating from 647 to 785 spaces – a deficit of between 326 to 188 spaces compared to now and until completion. 
  • Upon completion in late 2022, there will be 1416 spaces. This includes extra carparks promised by the Federal Government, 350 parks for shoppers and 80 car parks for residents.
  • During the planning stages, FGUK RA strongly supported that Movilla Park be used as a temporary car park (200 car parks) with restoration of the Park at TOD completion to include a playground and small (<10) car park.
  • BCC refused temporary use of Movilla Park and currently there are no alternative overflow parking options during construction.
  • In hindsight, delays by BCC to approve the development application (12 months instead of the typical 4 to 6 months), meant that the opportunity to commence construction during COVID-19 lock down, when there were minimal commuters, was lost. 

FGUK RA remains adamant that improved public transport to/from the train station and approvals for temporary car-park options is urgently required to reduce inconvenience for residents and commuters. We will continue to speak with State and Local government representatives about these concerns. 

Rail commuters must begin to consider their best options while the TOD is constructed. For example, if possible why not work from home, car pool, use public transport to the station or the buses on Waterworks Road, park at another station or walk to station?

Through this new column, we’ll keep you updated on other community issues we are working on:

  • Safer parking at the water park on Upper Kedron Road
  • General traffic connection between Upper Kedron and Mt Nebo Road
  • Improved off-street parking and curbing at Cemetery Road/Charolais street
  • Planning for future bus routes – in particular, Levitt Road and Minnie Street

Formed in 2017, FGUK RA represents collective community feedback about issues impacting the livability and sustainability of Ferny Grove and Upper Kedron. In 2019, to reflect electoral boundary changes, coverage was extended to include Keperra.

If you’d like to join the FGUK RA to strengthen community voice, or have feedback, please contact us at

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