Tahnee Simpson

Tahnee Simpson

Despite it being as old as medicine itself, the art of compounding is still not well understood. Put simply, compounded medications are created just for you right in the pharmacy and tailored for your unique circumstances.

As the owner of Terry White Chemmart Keperra Compounding Pharmacy, located in Keperra’s Dallas Parade retail hub, Tahnee Simpson believes in the potential of individualised medicines to positively impact even the most complicated conditions and their power to make a real difference in people’s lives.

“Everyone is different and everyone experience illness in different ways. Compounded medications offer a way to make sure your unique needs are catered for in a safe, quality-assured way,” Tahnee says. “We can provide people with cutting-edge treatment options when other treatments may have not been effective. We make medications just for you.” This individualised approach extends to Tahnee’s free one-on-one menopause consultation service for women, which is a unique opportunity to book a 15-minute consultation to discuss how new treatments might dramatically improve your quality of life.

Tahnee is a passionate advocate for community health and wellbeing, women’s issues, and your family’s health needs, and has been serving the hills district and surrounding suburbs since 2013.

Tahnee is a mum to three primary school-aged children and is a wealth of knowledge on kid’s health and nutrition.

Talk to Tahnee about family healthcare, menopause, and how compounded medications could make a difference to you.    

Ph: 3355 3905

Email: info@compoundingpharmacy.com.au




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