Teaching Kindness One Flower At A Time

Liam, Lulu and Jack from Albany Hills State School in their Kindness Garden

Towards the end of term two, Albany Hills State School celebrated Wellbeing Week.

Wellbeing Week is an initiative of the Mental Health Foundation, which is run in some of our local schools. The program aims to provide young people with knowledge, skills and tools to manage their own mental health and wellbeing. Schools can hold their own Wellbeing Week at any time during the year, using the week as an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of looking after our mental health and wellbeing.

Albany Hills State School celebrates Wellbeing Week several times a year, at the end of each semester. This has been occurring for a number of years and it is a special time within the school community. It is an opportunity for staff, students and families to take some time to reflect, and consider their own physical and mental health and wellbeing.
In fact, Wellness Week has become such a staple in the Albany Hills State School calendar, that the school now has its own dedicated Wellness Team. The role of the Wellness Team is to plan a series of fun and interactive activities and events around a specific theme each semester. During 2022, their focus has been on their four school values; respect, resilience, kindness and confidence. This semester, Wellbeing Week has promoted kindness and respect, and in the upcoming Semester their focus will be resilience and confidence.

One of the inspiring messages in the Kindness Garden

With kindness being one of the primary topics this Wellbeing Week, the school constructed a magnificent Kindness Garden in their school grounds. Students decorated hearts with messages of kindness and placed them on the lawn creating a garden of hearts. This made for a truly breathtaking scene as the lawn was literally covered in a sea of kind messages – sure to brighten anyones day. As a school spokesperson tells us, the garden has become a real talking point amongst students, staff, parents and visitors to the school.

‘Upon the completion of the Kindness Garden, everyday there has been such a buzz with students, staff and parents taking time to read and talk about the messages,’ reported the school.

For more information about Albany Hills State School, please visit, https://albahillss.eq.edu.au

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