‘Telephone Trees’ are branching out support locally

A monthly update from the Golden Valley Keperra Lions Club

As a significant community service organisation in the Hills District, the Golden Valley Keperra Lions (GVK) have large number of members in the most vulnerable (Covid-19) age group. We are keenly aware that ‘Social Distancing’ is extremely important. 

What this means for our club is that instead of face to face meetings, most communication now needs to be completed by email – which is extremely efficient but also extremely impersonable!

No matter our age or position in life that being of a mum, dad, child, grandfather, grandmother, working, not working, retired or something in between, we all have feelings and a burning desire to feel needed and valued. With this in mind, the GVK Lions have started an old fashioned ‘Telephone Tree’, where our members phone a number of other members and simply ask ‘RYOK’ (are you ok) and is there anything I can do for you?

You will be amazed how rewarding this exercise can be, it provides:   

  Personal touch

  Verbal interaction

  A feeling of hope, security and connectedness for both the caller and the recipient through hearing the inflection and passion in the voice.

So, while social distancing means we cannot touch or be in close contact with others, we can still be social over the phone. Why not, make a list of your family and friends that may be isolated in these current times and give them a call. You will be amazed how mutually beneficial this will be.

Remember if you cannot help your friend or family member contact your local Lions club who will be able to assist. Contact details a



Email: gvk@lionsq3.org.au

Paul Ryan – M: 0409 688 675


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