The basis for a lifelong love of learning

What will a parent see when walking through Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre’s (MPC) gate?

As one prospective parent recently said, ‘I was particularly impressed by the emphasis on nature-based play and inquiry learning, the child-centred practices that I observed staff engaged in and by the facilities at MPC.’The basis for a lifelong love of learning

On entering through the gate, our beautiful trees and natural materials clearly indicate our focus on the natural environment, however our greatest strength lies within. It’s our commitment to collaboratively create relationships and a learning environment which encompasses the child’s voice in leading the play along with the guiding hand of experienced teachers and educators.

Play is the cornerstone of learning for young children and it is while playing that children can be ‘a head taller’, trying out something they may be unsure about. For a child who may not feel confident drawing, adding the food to the coffee shop menu becomes a meaningful reason to have a go at drawing food.

Through interactions, teachers and educators encourage, support and challenge children to step out of their comfort zone while providing a safe base to which to return. When children play, they build their social skills; learning to listen and negotiate; experience real life with all its ups and downs builds resilience and self-regulation; investigate, discover and wonder; think creatively and flexibly, adjusting to change and solving problems; develop language skills; understand fairness and a sense of empathy; gain self-confidence and executive function skills; and learn about trust and respect. 

Going Fishing at MPC

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