The Bush Lemon from Kobble Creek

Local agricultural shows always remind us of times past such as pavilion horticultural entries and wood-chopping.  

A visitor to our museum recently came across a class of bush lemons in the citrus section at the Samford Show. He told us how this stall reminded him of a bush lemon tree in his grandparents’ garden. On a picnic train excursion to the Kobble Creek area in the 1920s – organised by the Grange Baptist Church – Mr Harry Massey noticed a bush lemon seedling. As bush lemons were a reveared tree to have in the garden, he dug the seedling up and transplanted it into his garden at Newmarket where it thrived. Exactly where the train stopped that day for the picnickers is unknown. This is because the train often stopped at convenient places other than the stations, as happened on this excursion. 

Timber from pioneers’ homestead selections was used for building their houses, farm buildings, fencing and firewood. Huge quantities of hardwood and softwood logs were sourced from the surrounding ranges and from within the greater Samford Valley for house building, commercial buildings, railway sleepers and bridge girders.   

Demonstrations using the tools from the timber industry are popular within school groups as are wood chopping competitions at shows. Samford Museum plans to expand these timber demonstrations. If you have any tools sitting at the back of your shed such as Spring Boards, Cant Hooks, Axes etc, our museum would welcome them as donations. Please note,  our collection of cross cut saws is ample!

Please contact Geoff 0417 691 983 or email  for more information. 

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