The Cabochon Cut

from The Mitchelton and Districts Gem Club

If you are interested in rocks, gems, gem cutting, jewellery making, minerals or just want to learn more about the hobby, then pop along to the Mitchelton and Districts Gem Club.

There are many facets to this hobby, one of which can be done in the club’s workshop and that is cabochon cutting. When new members join the club, they are taught how to cut a cabochon. A basic cabochon is generally an oval stone about 40x 30mm in size and about 6-8mm in thickness with a domed top. Jewellery findings can be bought or made which you can fit these cabochons into for wearing as a jewellery item. After shaping on the grinding wheel, the stone is then sanded and polished all over. In order to hold the stone when processing, the stones are attached to dop sticks by way of sealing wax.

It only takes about an hour to make a cabochon going from the rough stone to the finished product. Cabochons are generally cut from semi-precious stones such as Agate, Jasper, Petrified Wood, Chalcedony and Chrysoprase.

Cabochons can be of various shapes and sizes and they can be ‘fancy’ or ‘double sided’ or whatever shape one wants to make them. However, there are set shapes on templates which jewelry manufacturers make findings for. Templates are used to mark out the shape and size of the cabochon one wishes to cut. 

The club has their workshop and clubrooms at 46 Ferneydell Street, Ashgrove and is open every Thursday from 9am to 3pm and every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm. Visitors and new members are most welcome. You will meet new friends with similar interests.

For more information, please phone John on 3351 1038 or Lloyd on 33512093

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