The Endless Possibilities of Play: Early Days!

When each year begins, children spend their early days discovering all about kindy life.

They have been discovering indoor and outdoor spaces; the possibilities of things to play, make and do; learning about what happens next in our day; getting to know other people at kindy; learning ways to be safe, fair and kind; and discovering the many creatures that share our kindy space.

A significant component of early kindy life is learning about what it means to belong to a group. Belonging conjures images of joining in, feeling safe and secure, feeling acknowledged for being you. Belonging is fundamental to learning. While children are exploring, discovering and building relationships, unplanned learning opportunities emerge regularly.

When we put our fruit scraps into the worm farm, we discovered a piece of sweet potato that had sprouted. We planted it into our new vegie garden. It will take about three months to grow more potatoes. The children are already planning to make hot chips! With the extremely hot weather, playing in the pools became a very practical option for keeping cool along with independently looking after yourself, following directions, resisting the impulse to put the water over others, noticing and building scientific understandings about water. Not to mention great fun!

Some children discovered a chrysalis and with further investigation they found some caterpillars. What a wonderful opportunity for wondering, thinking and learning as the children see the life cycle of the Common Crow butterfly unfold in front of their eyes.

A day in the life of a kindy child is very busy! For more information regarding Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre contact 3355 2535 or visit their website

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