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Mark Furner MP with school leaders from across the Ferny Grove Electorate at Queensland Parliament.

Samford Road Users Big Win in 2019 Budget

Samford Road motorists are the big winners out of this year’s state budget with $7.5 million allocated to improve inbound and outbound traffic flow.

Many constituents have identified traffic congestion on Samford Road as a major concern for them. I agree and since taking office in 2015 I have lobbied the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) on your behalf to address this issue as a priority. As a result in 2017 TMR undertook the first large-scale traffic flow study on the problematic section of Samford Road between Dawson Parade and the Enoggera Army Barracks.

Some changes have already been made on Samford Road as a result of this study – such as increasing the right-hand turn capacity into the Enoggera Barracks of a morning. This has seen a decrease in Samford Road travel times by five minutes on average. More work is still to be done however.

That study is now complete and TMR engineers have recommended an upgrade to three of Samford Road’s intersections. The Palaszczuk Government has accepted these

recommendations and has allocated millions of dollars in this year’s budget to undertake upgrades to the following sections:

Pickering Street.

TMR has recommended the removal of the outbound pocket and right-hand signal from Samford Road turning into Pickering Street. This will mean the number of signal changes inbound motorists will need to negotiate will drop from three to two each minute. This change will extend the span of green signal available to Samford Road motorists by one third.

Glenholm Street Outbound

Many of us have been caught in a line of traffic held up by a single car wishing to turn right into Glenholm Street of an evening. The recommended changes to the Glenholm intersection will allow for the installation of a right hand turning pocket and the continuation of two lanes outbound so evening traffic will flow more effectively.

Osborne Road

This intersection has also been identified by TMR with engineers asking for more scope to plan for the changes. $600,000 has been allocated in the budget to enable this planning to progress.

School Leaders Visit Parliament

It was my great pleasure to host school leaders from across the Ferny Grove Electorate at Queensland Parliament last month. Our future is in excellent hands with the school captains taking an interest in everything from the anniversary of Queensland’s founding to policy matters such as the environment.

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