120 Olearia Street West, Everton Hills

Reviewed by Lauren Inwards & Anna Williams – both from Ferny Hill

Anna’s review: We love the Hills District Abilities Playground at Everton Hills, because it’s a place my boys can access playground equipment. When your legs and arms don’t function like they should, trying to be like a regular mobile kid is near impossible. The boys miss out on so much, such as swings, slides and birthday parties. But at the all abilities playground the boys physical limitations don’t for the first time limit them from participating in life. We can swing, we can slide, laugh and make friends. This playground means more to us, then just a park, it gives them the freedom to just be a regular kid.

Lauren’s review: We have a combined family which includes six kids in primary school with one who is special needs. This park is amazing! It has enough to keep them all entertained and is ideal for a variety of ages from toddlers through to mid primary.  Its fully fenced with toilets, BBQ and bubblers and even  has a herb garden with misters (great for cooling down in summer) ! There’s also multiple shaded picnic tables and a nice grassy area for picnics. The park is ideally located with a large grassed area next to it so that if you have kids that want to play tiggy or frisby they can do that too. The play area includes multiple swings for different ages (where you can happily push multiple kids), is plenty of parking.


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