The Nest Community Announces Their Flagship ‘Exchange Project’

Two young Nest fans showing off the Kokedamas they made during a recent workshop of The Nest

One of our local not-for-profit organisations has shared with us details of their exciting community initiative, which will bring teenage girls into their women’s space to provide mentoring workshops.

The Nest Community is an organisation built on empowering and connecting women of all ages, and providing them a safe space to nurture and learn from one another.

In their upcoming Exchange Project, the organisation will welcome girls from surrounding schools into their community home, where they will be offered the opportunity to connect with and be mentored by the Nest’s dedicated volunteers. This innovative initiative is a collaborative project focused on developing skills, fostering confidence and friendships in the local community.

Over the course of the program, the girls will be involved in a variety of handmade living workshop experiences, as they will learn and develop a host of skills including sewing, knitting and sustainable gardening.

The Nest Community’s co-founder and CEO, Roz Fenson, shared with us some of the goals behind the Exchange Project.

“Forming intergenerational connections, sharing the often forgotten art of handmade living skills and providing these young women with a safe and inclusive space to share and manage their issues are the key outcomes we hope to see from this program,” Roz stated.

The Nest Community has spent that past 6 years connecting
women of all ages in their home dedicated to women
through their affordable workshops, Nest Haberdashery
and Garden Group.

“We understand the need for a place dedicated to women, their issues and their needs. Giving young girls a chance to become a part of our community has always been a key goal for our organisation, and the Exchange Project will play a huge part in allowing us to achieve that goal.” Roz continued.

The Exchange Project is the Nest’s response to the growing disconnect being found between women of all ages, more than ever many girls are suffering from a lack of interaction with supporting and nurturing female figures.

“Allowing these girls to work together with our volunteers as they guide them through the learning process creates an amazing, soft entry point to address and support them through the issues they may be facing in their school or home life.” Roz explained.

Over the coming weeks, The Nest Community is keen to hear from individuals and organisations who would like to become involved by offering project funding, sponsorship or donation. Helping in the management of the program, aiding the catering effort and offering workshop support are some of the additional ways in which you are able to volunteer your time.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Exchange Project and how you can offer your support, contact The Nest Community via email at

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