The Wonders You Can Find at The Nest Community’s Haberdashery

Nest Volunteer Sharon Oldfield restocking the Haberdashery with fresh donations to be redistributed throughout the community.

Everton Park’s own secret treasure chest, stocked full of vintage, recycled and reclaimed crafting supplies. 

Situated within their beautiful, heritage listed Queenslander home, The Nest Haberdashery offers a unique shopping experience. Exploring the shelves stocked with hidden gems and enjoying the company of their friendly volunteers, shopping there feels closer to stepping back in time to raid your Grandma’s supply closet than wandering the lifeless aisles of a major retailer.

The Haberdashery stocks a wide variety of crafting resources. With new donations coming in every week, you are never sure what hidden gem you may find at The Nest! Preloved equipment, notions, yarns, fur, beads and fabric are just a few on the crafting essentials you can find there for your next project. Some items are brand new; some are preloved, but all are high-quality and affordable. Fabric starts from $3 metre, but there is always a bargain bin close by full of special items for just a few cents.

There’s no telling what hidden treasure or beautiful bargains you might find in a visit to The Nest Haberdashery

Their wonderful volunteers are always happy to help you find the perfect material for your next project, or to offer you advice from their experience in handmade living. The Nest Haberdashery is their primary source of funding, as all of the proceeds go back into supporting the organisation and its community initiatives. 

Sustainability is a huge part of The Nest Community’s mission, and their Haberdashery not only allows them to save these beautiful materials from landfill, but also gives you a chance to breathe new life into them.

The Nest Haberdashery also has its own Facebook group for their volunteers and visitors, where they share the treasures they have found, creations they have made and handmade living inspiration for one another. The group is open for anyone to join, and is a great way to get in touch with your creative side online.

Located at 720 South Pine Road in Everton Park, The Nest Haberdashery is open on weekdays from 10am – 1pm. On Saturdays their entire home is abuzz with activity, as the Haberdashery is open from 10am – 4pm and their variety of craft workshops run all day, giving people a chance to learn the beautiful skills of handmade living.

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