Three generations enjoy kindergarten at MPC

By Paris Callegari

Broderick Dipple, Anthony Dipple, Henry Dipple and Florence Dipple.

When choosing a kindergarten for our children we knew that we wanted one to be play based and eco-conscious. My partner Broderick suggested that we look at Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre (MPC) where he had attended kindergarten. Being a first timer at MPC I appreciated the leafy outlook of the kindergarten with trees the children could climb. I was thrilled!

I am so glad that Broderick and I chose MPC as the sense of community is unbelievable with friendly and supportive teachers who are exceptional. I have learnt a lot about community and a sense of belonging and how important it is for both my children and us.

My children love (and loved) going to MPC where they feel valued, supported and have agency. I know that I made the right choice to support our children’s life learning journey.

Our children are the third generation in our family to attend MPC. Broderick’s mother has always told me that ‘Brod loved going to MPC and he would have stayed forever if he could have.’ I love that we are continuing the family tradition of belonging to the MPC community and that as a new parent it fulfilled everything I wanted for my children’s early learning. It’s no wonder that we are not the only third generation family attending MPC. I understand it and I don’t feel like I want to leave this community either. We’ll be back when we are grandparents!                         


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