Tid Bits – January 2021

from the Arana Hills & Districts Senior Citizens Club The Hills Community Centre, 291 Dawson Parade, Arana Hills

The committee has been very pleased at our members response to our club being reopened. Attendance has be quite good at both the meetings and the Indoor Bowls on Fridays. Our last meeting for 2020 was on the 4th December. Following Bingo, the club provided a chicken lunch followed by sweets. Everyone enjoyed the day with 43 members in attendance. We thank all the members who worked hard to make this day a success. The club will reopen on the 22nd January 2021. With events as follows:- 22nd January – Bingo, 29th January – Hoy for groceries, 5th February  Bingo

We take this opportunity to wish everyone and their families a healthy & happy 2021. We also wish a speedy recovery to all our sick members. Please give us a call if you need any further information.

Till next time,  Mike 0406 601 589

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