Time To Say Goodbye

Stephen and Kristy at Arana Hardware

Well it is time to say goodbye. Yes after much discussion and thirty-four years of the family owning the Arana Hills Hardware, we have decided due to family circumstances and the slowing down of trade, that now is the time. 

Losing Dad this past year has been a big impact on the family and business, even though our parents retired from it over ten years ago and assigned the running of it over to myself and my brother Stephen. Without Dad it seems lost. It was his baby that he purchased thirty-four years ago when he was made redundant from his day job. Dad was a mechanical engineer and he worked for ANI Sargents his whole life. When he left he decided to buy a hardware store in a moment of delusion. He invited myself and my brother to quit our day jobs and come and run it with him and Mum. At the time I was working in the steel industry and Stephen was a fully qualified Electrician working for industry. Dad also set up his other business  as a consulting Engineer which he continued to work at until he was ninety years of age, God bless him. 

We wanted to say a special goodbye to the wonderfully loyal customers that we have come to know over the years, watching your children grow and now some are coming in with their own children. It has been a wonderful experience. You are not just customers. We always considered you friends and the one thing that we will both miss and one of the reasons that any small business owner will tell you, it is you who keep us coming back day after day. You are what make it a pleasure to come to work. The chats and laughs that we have each day and not to mention some of the jokes, not always good but a good laugh anyway.

Over the last four years Anthony and I have had the enjoyment of having our beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog Kareena at work with us. She came to know many of you and your dogs. We would just like to let her many friends know that unfortunately she lost her short and fierce battle with cancer in July and is no longer with us. She is missed enormously.

You will see us around as we live locally so don’t be shy, say hello as we will always be up for a good chat. We will be trading up to the 30th of September. 

Kristy and Anthony, Stephen and Theresa

Arana Hardware Store

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