Tips and Tricks for a Stunning Summer Garden

From the Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club

Roses need attention in early summer.  Have you noticed the size of blooms has diminished during the warmer weather?  Well now is the time to remove spent blooms and any dead or diseased material. Also incorporate a comprehensive program of fertilizing and spraying and you’ll be rewarded with a wonderful flush of blooms next Autumn. 

Fruiting trees need a light application of a complete fertilizer too, and the lawn needs attention.  Have you noticed small delicate orange wasps hovering over the grass?  This indicates the presence of lawn grubs as the wasps are looking for somewhere to lay their eggs in the  lawn grub larvae. If you think there are lawn grubs in your lawn, leave a damp bag or cloth overnight in the area. In the morning turn the bag over and  the lawn grubs will be attached to it for removal.  

Lovers of parsley should plant new plants every six months. At this time of year existing plants start to rot. Always pick parsley from the lower stems and this will prolong the life of the plant.

The Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club finished the year with the November meeting due to the COVID-19 restrictions. All going well, the first 2021 meeting will take place on 4th  February, at the Enoggera Memorial Hall.  Kath Stumer will be the guest speaker and her topic will be Caladiums.Meetings commence after morning tea which is served at 9.45 a.m.  Visitors and new members are most welcome.  The hall is close to public transport and is accessible by wheelchair.

For more information, please phone 3356 1256.

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