To Busk Or Not To Busk


There has been much debate over busking at Ferny Grove Shopping Village with local band Chesterfield playing on a regular basis in the evening. They write simple, catchy songs and both members Rhys North and Paddy McDermott of Upper Kedron play the guitar and sing harmonies. 

Chesterfield have loved playing at the Shopping Centre and the community spirit down there along with being able to play their songs to people who generally don’t have the opportunity to listen to buskers as they live so far from the city. They have found great support at Ferny Grove Shopping Village when they busk.

In addition, many of the Shopkeepers at the centre have admired the talented duo and loved their acoustic indie/pop style of music which is very much influenced by the 60’s. Many of the shopskeepers and shoppers alike have stated that the buskers have added a terrific atmosphere to the centre in the evening.

This being the case, Centre Management has stated that they had received complaints about highly amplified rap music with derogatory lyrics which were causing offence. The Centre Management acted on these complaints and made the ruling of “No Busking” in the Centre, something which had always been their policy. Due to this ruling Chesterfield could not play in the centre. 

Centre Management have since received further approaches from shopkeepers and locals who missed the busking duo and expressed disappointment at their exclusion. 

You can listen to Chesterfields music here

You can listen to Chesterfield music

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