Top 5 Disability Podcasts

Submitted by Susanne Jones, Just Better Care Brisbane North and CBD

The Podcasts offer easy access to programs that entertain, inform, and inspire. If you haven’t listened to one before I encourage you to give it a go as there’s a world of interesting content out there.

If you have a smartphone just use its built in Podcast app to get started, or Google ‘How to play Podcasts’ on your computer.

Here are five disability-focused podcasts that might surprise…

1. CRUcial Conversations

This limited-edition series features five stories of grassroots leadership by people in the disability sector in Queensland. These stories of change show us what it means to be a leader and what it takes to create real and meaningful change in the lives of people living with disability.

These stories are deeply personal, compelling and insightful and teach us a lot about what it means to lead a movement for change.

Produced by Brisbane-based organisation, Community Resource Unit, the initiative aims to contribute to the development of strong, principled leadership among people with disability and families, to contribute to better lives for people living with disability.

 2. One in Five

Put together by The University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Disability Institute, One in Five explores some of the most complex issues facing the 20 per cent of Australians who live with disability.

Launched in December 2019, the podcast gives voice to people with disability and asks about their experiences with everything from employment, housing and the law to supporting families and early intervention.

Guests, including those living with disability, researchers and people working in the sector, tackle hot-button topics. These range from informed decision making and ethics in the context of mental health legislation to investigating what is best practice early intervention.

3. Disability Done Different

Put out by Melbourne-based group Disability Services Consulting, Disability Done Different aims to have the kind of conversations that come about when passionate people aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

Featuring hosts Roland and Evie Naufal, this podcast offers unique insights with interesting guests who have carved their own path in the disability sector – revealing battle scars, imparting wisdom and talking straight about their journeys. 

4. Abnormally Funny People

This hilarious podcast features a group of stand-up comedians of all abilities light heartedly ‘reviewing’ disability products.

Hosted in the UK by Simon Minty and Steve Best, along with a rotating cast of guests, most reviews are awful, some are useful, but all are genuinely funny.

As well as introducing entertaining reviews of products, services, technology, travel and more; the podcast’s impressive line-up of guest comedians also provide their take on their lives, society and the response to disability through the lens of comedy.

5. We’ve Got This: Parenting with a Disability

Packed with fascinating stories, this podcast aims to share stories which provide an accurate representation of family life and the complexities that parenting with disability brings.

The idea for a podcast of this nature came about when producer Eliza Hull, who has a neurological condition called Charcot Marie Tooth, was pregnant with her daughter and felt unrepresented in every one of the countless parenting books.

The series explores the issues that parenting with a disability brings, whilst also challenging the stigmas and stereotypes.

Guests cover a range of issues including topics such as parenting with an intellectual disability, forced hysterectomies, acquiring a disability and parenting later in life, and queer, disabled parenting.


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