Transit Oriented Development construction to commence in July

A monthly column by Mark Furner M.P. State Member for Ferny Grove

With Peter Honeycombe at the opening of the Fernery shopfront on Ferny Way.

Last month I had the great pleasure of officially opening the shopfront for the Fernery – the apartment complex component of the Ferny Grove Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

The apartments look fantastic and, I am told, selling fast. If you are keen to check out what the development will look like, or if you are thinking about getting an apartment at the TOD head on down to the Fernery office near Coffee-On-The-Way on Ferny Way in Ferny Hills.

In addition to the unit complex, the TOD will use the footprint of the existing Ferny Grove Railway Station carpark to construct the multi-level carpark as well as new retail, dining spaces cinemas, and even a new day-care centre.

Most significantly, the TOD will inject around $140 million into our local economy and will boost local employment by more than 1,400 full time jobs. Over 700 of those jobs will be during the build with over 700 extra ongoing jobs in the precinct once the build is complete.

The TOD is a unique investment in our local economy with private enterprise contributing $120 million and the Federal Government and the State Government working together to fund more than 400 extra car spaces for commuters. The site will be handed over to the builders in June and construction will commence in July 2021.

Mitchie High new facilities

Mitchie State High School’s new coding lab and Resource Centre is now fully operational. This amazing new facility was delivered as part of the $10 million I promised to deliver to the school in 2017. The new facilities were completed earlier this year.

The amazing new Resource Centre and Coding Lab at Mitchie High.

The new labs are home to state-of-the-art computers and software, which will be used to train our kids for the next generation of high-tech jobs. The resource centre is an amazing mix of traditional library spaces and flexible learning options.

When I was a kid, schools did not have these sorts of facilities. It is imperative that we give our students the best possible start in life. I can’t wait to see the sorts of things that graduates of Mitchie High will contribute to our society in the future.

Dolphins NRL Bid

I am supporting the bid by the Redcliffe Dolphins to become the 17th National Rugby League Team. The Moreton Bay Regional Council, along with support from the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, are also backing the bid. The Moreton Bay region is one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia and I believe it makes sense to plant the new team in what will become an economic powerhouse in the next few years.

If you would like more information on the Dolphins NRL bid, go to

It’s time to bang the drum; Newmarket State School has new facilities!

In recent years, as young families have moved back into the Newmarket, Ashgrove, and Enoggera communities, Newmarket State School has doubled its student numbers – which has put considerable strain on the existing staff and infrastructure. The Instrumental Music Program for example, was under such pressure for space that musical instruments were being stored everywhere from the administration building to the tuckshop.

In 2017, the Electoral Commission changed the boundaries of the Ferny Grove Electorate to include Newmarket State School and I got straight to work advocating on the School Community’s behalf to improve the school’s inadequate facilities.

Newmarket State School’s first ever female principal, Vikki Richards, giving me the grand tour of the brand-new facilities which opened earlier this year.

Last year, partially during the COVID lockdown, construction began on a brand new $4.5 million building which delivered five new classrooms and a new dedicated music room to meet the needs of the school’s growing student population.

Recently I visited the school and was given a tour of this magnificent new facility by Principal Vikki Richards. From the fantastic new general learning areas to the STEM classroom, the IT room, the new staff room, the breakout areas, the function areas, sound-proofed music room, and the bespoke courtyard. The modern schools we are providing for the next generation of learners are a long way from the simple classrooms I remember as a kid.

I am proud to be the state member of Parliament who gets to fight for the Newmarket School community. For over 115 years, Newmarket State School has educated generations of students, and with the new investments by the Palaszczuk Government Newmarket State School will only go from strength to strength.


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