Trinity – A Poem for All Mother’s

A poem for all Mother's from the Samford Museum

Is there a mother past or present who can say that at some moment this verse by Joan Ryder-Healy, Chatswood NSW in The Australian Women’s Weekly, October 2, 1974 does not/ has not applied. The verse is set into a full page picture of a lone young woman strolling on the edge of the waves on the beach and it a perfect match for Mother’s Day. Enjoy.


Just for this moment I am neither wife,

nor child nor mother-

only myself, with this

immensity of sea and sky engulfing,

and underfoot the heat -hazed sand.

Here, alone on the shore, I am free to be

my own woman for this time; to find myself,

to feel, to watch, discover!

Where is she, where? –

This being other than eternal female;

Daughter, Mother, Wife!

I search behind closed lids and red lights dance..

but there is nothing.

No aim, no goal, no purpose to declare;

nothing to contribute, nothing to proclaim!

Am I a person – or a three-way mirror, ever


I must let this sun and sea and solitude

soak into me, this quiet time alone: let

its strength flow into me like a healing balm

so I may give out again for those I love.

The Museum remains closed due to the virus until further notice.

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