Unleash your inner Actor/Actress!

The Hills Players Inc are up and running again for 2019. We meet on Monday nights usually from 7 pm and once in rehearsal we are there at St Matthew’s Hall, Church Road, Mitchelton  which is our home. We are planning a program of one act plays for our first production this year and we’ll have more on these next month. If you have a dream or secret wish to try out acting or even helping out backstage, please give Margie a call on 3351 4496 or visit our webpage or Facebook page for more information.

You don’t have to have any experience, although we are happy to see you if you’ve been involved in little theatre before. We normally stage three productions each year, but this year we are only planning two due to limited numbers for helping out front of house and backstage. So if you’d like to help out in this way (this is less time-consuming than actually taking on an acting role) please get in touch. We are a small family group who like to bring live theatre to the community for a low cost.

The Hills Players have been in operation since 1981 and mostly like to do comedy shows. Some of our members have also been involved in the South East Queensland Drama Festival to extend their personal acting experience.

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