Desmond Felix Kempster

Desmond Felix Kempster, foundly known as Des, was born in Sandgate in 1923. He enlisted in 1941, at age 18, in the 2/14th Light Horse Regiment at Grovely, Brisbane. 

However, when horses were phased out of the Army, the unit was renamed the 2nd Australian Cavalry Regiment which operated tracked vehicles called Bren Gun Carriers which were similar to a small tank but not enclosed.  

In 1943, Des was posted to the 16th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery in Townsville which was formed in defence of enemy aircraft attacks. He was subsequently posted to the 2nd Australian Advanced 2nd Echelon and served on Morotai Island in the Netherlands East Indies (now Indonesia). He attained the rank of Corporal and remained on Morotai until the Japanese surrender in 1945.

After the war, Des worked in various advertising and publishing companies and prior to his retirement in 1987 was Managing Editor of Motor Trader which is the monthly trade journal of the Queensland Motor Trade. With his late wife, Elsie, Des lived in Everton Park for 33 years prior to being a resident in aged care at Bald Hills. He is survived by his sister, 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

Upon his recent passing at age 97, Des was one of the last surviving WW2 veterans.

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