Vegan Fever in the Hills

Calling all the vegans and health-nuts in Brisbane, The Vegan Cook is here to make your lifestyle that little bit cruisier—and not to mention, healthier! As the only vegan caterer/home delivery service in Brisbane, The Vegan Cook—the brain child of Lianne (owner)—has come to our neighbourhood’s rescue. Located in Everton Hills, it is just the place to venture to for healthy, pre-made dishes that will make your tastebuds sing. Prior to COVID-19, the business focused solely on catering vegan food, but it has recently branched out to offer online ordering and home-delivered meals. It has absolutely taken off ever since.

A passionate foodie since day dot, Lianne felt that taking up a career in Vegan Cooking was only natural. Her journey began after she accepted a challenge at her holistic gym, which caused her to try out eating vegan. Within 6 weeks, she had lost 10kg, and had noticed that her blood pressure and cholesterol levels were returning to normal. The recipe to Lianne’s success was in the various ‘vegan treats’ she made for herself, which she generously shared with fellow challenge participants at the gym. Their glowing feedback provided an incentive for Lianne to establish The Vegan Cook.

Originally a home-operated business, The Vegan Cook is now manifesting into an integral part of our community. Lianne has begun building her empire from the ground up—the next major step being the exciting opening of her new premises at Chinook Street, Everton Hills, on Thursday 9th July. Here, Lianne and her talented staff plan to not only prepare meals for the business, but also provide morning and evening cooking classes for all ages. These cooking classes will be held from August onwards, with the September holidays appearing to be a likely candidate for holding children’s classes. Child-loving Lianne is particularly looking forwards to these lessons, in which she hopes to educate Brisbane’s youngsters on Vegan Cooking and where food comes from. Keen customers will be able to book classes through her website and Facebook pages in upcoming weeks.

Delicious. Organic. 100% plant based. These words sum up The Vegan Cook’s menu in a nutshell. Prepared by loving hands and sourced locally, Lianne ensures her customers enjoy top quality ingredients whilst helping the community flourish. She is also proud to reveal that, from all online orders, a 5% donation will be made to Foodbank Queensland, an organisation that provides essential food and produce to those in need.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump online—or in store—and grab a bite from Lianne’s line up of mouth-watering meals, such as the vegetarian buddha bowl, the carrot cake bliss balls, or the crunchy vegan Taco—the photographs of them will make you want to eat the page! Alternatively, check out the juices, desserts, snacks, coffees, or range of 100% vegan sauces the business has to offer. And for those of you worried about having allergies to certain ingredients or perhaps wish to make special requests on future orders, The Vegan Cook’s chef promises to try and accommodate this for you.

Anyone interested in taking a chance on the nutritious flavour-trip that is The Vegan Cook may contact Leanne via email at, via their website or via telephone 0466 041 176

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