Wahminda Art Show: A week long wonder

‘White Faced Heron’ by Denise Ravenscroft is one example of some of the Art that will be on display at The Wahminda Art show.

Art has the uncanny ability to overcome cultural, political and ethnic differences: art is like a universal language that brings people together.
It is in this spirit that the Wahminda Environmental Art Show was born. The event aims to bring the community together to raise awareness and appreciation of the rich biodiversity of species in our own backyards.The week long events scheduled for later this year will cumulate in a presentation evening where winners will be chosen from each category. Funds raised throughout the week and on the presentation night will be gifted to a local environmental group who qualifies and needs support to continue their beneficial environmental work in our local community.
Art categories and winning prize money are as follows:-
• The Wahminda Pond Award, painting section, $1000.
• Sustainability Award, sculpture section, $700.
• Natures Magic Moments Award, photography section, $500.
• Local biodiversity Award, mixed media, $500.
• Interconnected Balance of Nature Award, Fabric Art, $500.
• Youth Wildlife Warrior Award, junior and senior, $100 each.As with many not-for-profit events, the organisers are reaching out to the local business community for support. Businesses have the opportunity to sponsor one of the six major art categories. Alternatively, businesses have the opportunity to offer services or products as runners up prizes.
For more information regarding entering the competition or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Melanie Massa on WahmindaArtShow@yahoo.com or visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wahmindaartshow/

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