Warmth Matters

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With the weather getting cooler, you are probably getting your winter blankets out of the cupboards so you can get toasty warm at night; or at least thinking of doing so.

Imagine not having any blankets, jumpers, jackets or warm pants and having to spend the nights outside, in the cold, damp air.  Sadly, there are many people in this exact situation throughout Brisbane.

3rd Space is an organisation that helps homeless and displaced people in Brisbane by offering food, clothing and bedding. 

If you have any spare blankets or winter clothing (for men and women) you can bring them to the TaxArana office, which is an official drop off location for 3rd Space. Have a look through your cupboards and see what you can spare.  Instead of throwing them in an overflowing charity bin, please bring your donations to the TaxArana office; as these are taken, by me, directly to 3rd Space.

It will warm your heart knowing you have offered warmth where it really matters – to those in need.

For more information about 3rd Space, visit www.3rdspace.org.au where you can also make financial (tax deductable) donations.



TaxArana, 2 Glenlee St, Arana Hills 

(Corner of Glenlee St and Dawson Pde) 

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