Wendy Burns

Life and Business Coach & Author of Remarkable You

Wendy Burns

Wendy Burns is a wife, mother and grandmother living in Queensland, Australia. From being born into impoverished circumstances, Wendy has become an author, inspirational speaker, and life and business coach – working with women to reveal the remarkable within. Self, team and business leadership are also some of her many areas of expertise. You will find out more about Wendy’s journey in her book ‘Remarkable You – A Journey to Discover Hope Within.’

Wendy believes every one of us is remarkable, but we often cannot see it in ourselves.  Her passion is to empower people to become as remarkable as they were created to be; to reveal that vein of gold, then to take the intentional action needed to mine that gold!

Wendy has shared the stage with some of the most influential leaders in the world, inspiring humanity to reach their potential by taking every opportunity to grow others and herself through her commitment to growth and action. She believes in lifelong learning, that we are never to young to begin and never too old to start this journey.

Wendy has helped many people experience extraordinary breakthroughs with her unique ability to press into and challenge an individual’s belief system, enabling them to unshackle, reveal and enable their most remarkable selves. She gets great joy from empowering others to open the door to a greater capacity by realising their full potential. 

In 2013, Wendy joined the John Maxwell University (JMT), where she serves as Peer Teaching Partner and Chair on the President’s Advisory Council for JMT. By the invitation of the President of Paraguay in 2016, Wendy joined John Maxwell bringing transformational change to the nation. 

To find out more about Wendy, including her book ‘Remarkable You’ visit the links below.

Ph: 0437 815 045   


LinkedIn: Wendy Burns


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