What is compounding and how can it help you?

Go back 50 years and every chemist was a “compounding chemist”, mixing creams and tinctures up “just for you”. Although the fundamentals of compounding remain the same, the art and science has been modernised. Digital scales, mixing machines, powder mixers, and ointment mills mean we produce high quality, accurate medicines in our lab in Dallas Parade, Keperra.

“Compounding medicines involves making a specific medicine to the special requirements of an individual person,” according to Keperra Compounding Pharmacy owner Tahnee Simpson. “That may mean turning a tablet into a liquid for children, making a cream with multiple ingredients to reduce the need for separate products or producing capsules of a medication because the off-the-shelf version is unavailable. We can also make products that may be available overseas, but the product is not yet available here in Australia.”

Owners Tahnee Simpson and Blaine Woods both have special interests which have seen them undertake extensive training in women’s health, men’s health, thyroid problems, auto-immune conditions, pain conditions, dermatology, cosmeceuticals and veterinary medicine. 

“Cosmetic medicine is a special focus for us at the moment,”Tahnee says. “We’re working closely with Dr Jeni Wellington at Keperra Medical Centre, who specialises in treating skin problems such as ageing skin, pigmentation, rosacea and acne with personalised products designed specifically for the individual.”

Make a booking with Dr. Jeni Wellington at Keperra Medical Centre 0733554082 – offering a free one-on-one skin consultation through September and October, or call and speak to Tahnee at Keperra Compounding Pharmacy 0733553905  to find out how compounded medicines could help you.

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