What Parents Should Expect from an Early Childhood Service

While the lure of brand-new builds, state-of-the-art facilities, and every bell-and-whistle is real, what truly distinguishes a quality early childhood service from the next? What should first-time parents be looking for when making an informed decision about the care of their child?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to early education. Services must be responsive to the changing needs of children, their families, and the local community. Families must always feel welcome, valued, and understood.

Central to the quality of a service is its educators. Early childhood teachers and educators play an important role in helping young children feel safe and supported and in creating environments where their learning and development can flourish. When choosing a service families should consider, what qualification level do the educators and service leaders hold, how many years experience do they have and how long has the educator worked with the service?

The success of any early childhood program relies on the professionalism and expertise of a supportive and experienced leadership team who understand the key drivers of quality care and education. Does the management and leadership team support educators? Are leaders present and overseeing programs? How long has organisation behind the centre been operating children’s services?

The environment is usually the first impression, and children and families should expect to see a safe and nurturing setting that is both stimulating and developmentally challenging. The environment should be clean, well maintained and arranged in an aesthetic way that invites and provokes learning.

The connection between educators and a well-designed environment is the foundation for a successful curriculum,. You may want to ask are educators engaging with children? Are the children actively involved in play?

Families should become familiar with the service’s philosophy – it is a true representation of what early childhood means to their unique service. It is a representation of their staff, their values, and their priorities.

Since 2009, Habitat Early Learning has delivered high quality early education programs to children from birth to school age. We encourage you to visit our services at 54 Hogarth Road, Ferny Grove to find out more about how our highly qualified and long serving team can support your child’s education through our unique education, nutrition, and health model.

Visit https://habitatlearning.qld.edu.au for more information

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