When you feel as though you belong you are then ready to learn.

Nestled amongst tall leafy trees with beautiful natural outdoor spaces, Willmore Kindergarten is set apart by how the space feels when you first enter the gate. You feel like you belong. You become a part of the Willmore family.

Willmore Kindergarten was established 48 years ago by the Ferny Hills community who wanted a place for their children to grow and learn.  

Today, as a result of the hard work and commitment of parent committees, staff and a supportive community, the kindergarten continues to thrive.

Willmore offers a pre-Prep program where children are believed to be strong, capable and competent. 

When children feel safe and secure and connected to others, they thrive. Children have the same highly qualified, experienced and innovative teaching team and they interact with the same group of children each day. This closeness establishes the best possible foundation for the children’s learning. 

Willmore’s teaching team are passionate about advocating for young children and researching alongside them to learn and discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

Our Director Linda Meinicke has been at Willmore for 8 years and her Co Educator Linda Fox, has been at the centre for 15 years. Our additional teacher, Nikki Jones, has been working with Willmore for three years. 

There are many parents who attended Willmore and are now sending their children to our beautiful centre. 

We invite you to call 07 3351 2022 and book a tour so you can see for yourself.,

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