Where have our banners gone?

The Mitchelton Pre-schooling Centre (MPC) community have been angered by the unwarranted removal of two of their marketing banners promoting their recent Open Day. One has gone missing from the corner of Samford and Glen Retreat Roads, Mitchelton and the other from the corner of Wardell Street and Samford Road, Enoggera.
Permits and permission are required to display roadside advertising, both of which had been acquired by MPC. Council have confirmed the banners have not been removed by them.

The Samford side of the fence, at the corner of Wardell Street and Samford Road (where the banner was displayed) is controlled by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Organisations are required to obtain a permit in order to display roadside advertising there. MPC’s permit was issued on the 6th March and had not expired.
At the second location, on the corner of Glen Retreat and Samford Roads at Fenwick Park, the fence area where banners are displayed is controlled by Councillor Andrew Wines. Banner requests need to be lodged with his office and permission is granted by Cr Wines. As with previous years MPC went through this process and received the required permission.

‘As a not-for-profit community organisation, this loss hits us hard. Not only the cost of replacing these banners, but the loss of marketing exposure leading up to our Open Day,’ said Tracy Constable, Marketing Officer for MPC.

‘We would dearly love information about the disappearance of our banners, or better still for the banners to be dropped back to us,’ said Leanne Hunter, Director of MPC.

‘MPC has been in this community for 70 years creating childhood memories and a love for learning. We just want to keep doing this for another 70 years.’

It is reported that other banners have gone missing from this same location plus other locations nearby.

Everton Wolves Junior Australian Football Club lost three banners from the corner of Wardell Street and Samford Road earlier in the year. In an attempt to prevent the removal of their last one, the club went to the extent of attaching the Main Roads Authority paperwork to it and also padlocking the banner to the fence. Unfortunately, the banner was still removed. Further still, the club has also had banners mysteriously disappear from other locations nearby too.

‘This year banners have gone missing from Alderley opposite Newmarket MacDonalds, Pickering Street facing east at Railway Bridge, Wardell Street facing road coming from Marist College and on Old Northern Road on the heights at Everton Park Primary,’said Charles Tibbitts, President for Everton Wolves.

‘Each one costs around $60 each and the time and effort of volunteers placing them really hurts. It’s just pointless vandalism, they can’t be used for anything and its a not for profit sporting club run by volunteers.’

Sadly, Gaythorne Community Kindergarten is another organisation who has been impacted by the removal of their banners last year from similar locations. They were brand new banners and didn’t even last 48 hours. They were taken from Cnr Glen Retreat & Samford Roads, Cnr Wardell St and Samford Road and Cnr Pickering and Station Avenue.

“At the time we checked with Council and Queensland Rail to see if they confiscated them but were told they did not remove them. It was a very disappointing thing to have happen as we worked hard to raise the funds to purchase the banners, ” said Emma Dyson, Teacher and Director at Gaythorne Community Kindergarten

If anyone has information to offer regarding this matter please contact Mitchelton Preschool on 07 3355 2535.

Upon hearing the story, The Branding Business at Stafford has generously offered to replace MPC’s missing banners.

The junction at Samford Road and Ellworthy Street from where one of the Everton Wolves JAFC banners have been removed



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