Which exercise option is best for you?

This year you’ve decided to do something to improve your fitness … but which exercise option will work for you?  

At Curves, we know our members have a rainbow of personalities.  Some of us are go-getters who like to sweat to the max during our gym workouts.  Others prefer a slower paced, gentler session.  Others still see the best routine as one that combines a variety of activities and intensities to mix it up.  

Research shows the better a workout suits your personality, the more you will enjoy it. And the more you enjoy exercise, the more likely you will be to stick with your workout plan. 

Curves offers a range of specialty circuits, in addition to the standard 30 Minute Curves Circuit full body workout, so your coach can work with you to create the perfect training plan for you.  Each suite of specialty circuits has a range of options for variety.

  • Balance Circuits incorporate moves to promote better balance and improve stability. The steadier you are on your feet, the more places your body can take you!
  • Boxing – designed to increase your strength and endurance, combining various levels of intensity.
  • Cardio Circuits – designed to increase cardio and endurance with dance and cardio moves. 
  • The Body Basic Combination Circuits comprise moves to strengthen arms, core and legs. It’s the ultimate Curves workout – strengthening women inside and out. 

Phone us now 3354 4455, or book an appointment through our Facebook page to find your ideal workout plan.  Janelle

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