Who killed Betty Shanks?

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Betty Shanks

On Friday evening, 19 September 1952, 22 year old student Betty Shanks left the tram at the Grange terminus. 

She had earlier completed her college night classes in the city. She started the short walk home to her residence in Montpelier Street. Within minutes she was savagely attacked and bludgeoned to death. Her body was found at approximately 5.30am in the morning at a house on the corner of Thomas Street and Carberry Street, Grange on Saturday 20th Sept., 1952 by a nearby resident who was a policeman. To this day, this tragic murder mystery has never been solved.

It was called the night that Brisbane lost its innocence. Afterwards it was said residents always checked to ensure their doors were locked at night, and never again did people sleep outside on their verandas during those hot summer evenings.

The location where Betty‘s body was found in Thomas St. Discovered by local resident who was ironically a policeman.

This notorious event has been the subject of several books, articles and film productions over the years – including ‘Who Killed Betty Shanks?’ by Ken Blanch.

As of today, a $50,000 reward remains in place for any person who has information about what happened on that fateful night back in 1952.

Does anyone out there remember the tragic Betty Shanks murder and the impact it had on Brisbane, in particular the north western suburbs?

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The reward offered in 1952

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