Would you like to help Student investigate how infants learn to count?

Psychology Honours students at the University of Queensland are undergoing a research projecting how infants learn to count.

Before they can count on their own, children recognise when someone makes an error while they are counting. In the Early Cognitive Development Centre at the School of Psychology, they recently discovered that this early understanding of counting is associated with exposure to counting.  Now, they aim to discover whether exposure to various counting activities, impacts on 18 month olds’ understanding of counting.

They are seeking parents of 15 to 17-month-old infants to take part in a training study.  You will receive a counting book to participate in a 4-week reading challenge at home.  After that, they will invite you and your child to visit the ECDC at the University of Queensland, St Lucia campus, for a single 30-minute testing session.

This study is a first step in evaluating the effects of various counting activities on infants’ early number concepts.  The findings may ultimately inform novel techniques for enhancing numeracy development.  Participation will have the immediate benefit of providing your child with counting practice in a shared reading context.

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