Riveting Masterpieces from Upcycled Metal

We had the joy of catching up with metal artist Tommy Paul—a man making waves in Queensland’s sea of art, without leaving so much as a footprint on the environment.

One of Tommy’s latest masterpieces – The Eagle

After spending his youth growing up in Cooroy on the Sunshine Coast, Tommy left his stomping ground behind for the army. 

   He was posted to Townsville, then completed a 6-month tour of duty in Timor-Leste, before going A.W.O.L after a “slight misunderstanding” with his commanding officers. From there, Tommy lived a life of travel, of trying the trades—landscaping, door-to-door salesmanship, parachute packing, delivery driving—and of finally testing the waters of his passion. It was Tommy’s arts degree at university that set him striding on the right path. The same path that led him to a farming property just outside of Goondiwindi, where the Cooroy boy was introduced to a welder and an abundant supply of scrap metal. His next decade of life was spent knee deep in the cattle farming world, sculpting at every chance he got whilst completing formal training as a boilermaker and blacksmith. Armed to the teeth with talent, Tommy soon began to make a name for himself.

The Guitar

  According to the artist, he doesn’t specialise in any one thing, and “the only limit really is the combined imagination of himself and the customer”. Tommy has sculpted a multitude of animals, such as emus, kangaroos, lizards, birds, and snakes. He is also no stranger to crafting fire pits, fabricated furniture, gates, guitars, bird baths, balustrades, and fire tools. Currently, Tommy’s focus lies upon a wedge-tailed eagle—his favourite artwork thus far. With a wing span of 2.5m and being made entirely out of discarded star pickets, it has been the most challenging (yet rewarding) endeavour to date.

    A genuine, true-blue Aussie with a ‘salt n earth’ vibe, Tommy is an incredible artist who can weld up a storm out of purely scrap metal. According to his artist statement, Tommy’s work is driven by a desire to transform hard, seemingly rigid materials—like steel—into pieces that appear fluid and vibrant, giving the impression of movement and life. Using a combination of modern fabrication processes and traditional blacksmithing techniques, Tommy morphs reclaimed materials into uniquities you won’t find anywhere else. His sculptures prove to the world that even discarded, junked items can be recycled and repurposed into something beautiful. Something new. A little touch of something that every property needs. 

Get in touch with Tommy on 0438 927 642 or visit www.lifeiniron.com


Tommy Paul


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